Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jowanna's YA Book Blog: Guest Post by Kat Deacon

Jowanna's YA Book Blog: Guest Post by Kat Deacon: I would like to welcome you to the Blog. Thanks for stopping by. Welcome everybody!! My name is Kat Deacon and I am a new YA paranormal...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome to My Release Party!!

 Wow...I can't believe today's the day!! Today my novella The Gift is out and availablefor purchase!! I really hope you all love Seri as much as I do. The idea came to mind aftermy amazing husband gave be this gorgeous locket for our fifteenth wedding anniversary.It's sterling silver wings formed a beautiful heart shaped locket. It struck me as very unusual and possessed a warm vitality. I had to write a story about it. But what kind of story can you write about a piece of jewelry? You need flesh and blood characters....not like a necklace can tell a story. Ya know? I needed someone special to give this gift to...someone who needed it like I did. Seri was the perfect choice.
To celebrate the release, I want to give one lucky commenter a free copy of my book!! So feel free to jump in and make comments...ask questions...whatever you like! As a treat there's a chocolate fountain with various fruits and cakes. I also have plenty of Starbucks coffee and hunky guardian angels to serve a delicious punch I stayed up late mixing up!! Watch the wings ladies....those angels sometimes don't realize their own wingspan!!
 Anyone who would like to purchase a copy of my book The Gift, can do so by going


     Also, don't forget to join us tomorrow for some more fun and prizes at!!


Come party with me tomorrow in celebration of my very first release The Gift!! We will have a virtual potluck so bring your favorite dish to share and maybe a hunky celebrity as well!! *Wink* My novella will be available for purchase on my publisher website I hope to see you here!!