Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Review of Spellbound

Traumatized Emma Connor goes to live with her rich Aunt Christine on the upper East side after losing both her brother and mother, and then suffering at the hands of her alcoholic step father. Fitting in with the uppity rich kids proves more difficult after having a confrontation with the school's queen bee. The devastatingly handsome Brendon Salinger takes up for her in the snide quarrel and Emma becomes smitten.

Brendon and Emma fight their growing attraction for different reasons. He isn't used to actually caring about someone and she is afraid that she's not good enough. Too make matters worse, Emma is wearing a crest that can mean only one thing. They are cursed soul mates destined to lose each other over and over. After befriending a cool teen goth witch, Emma confirms the curse is real and she and Brendon must fight to break the curse or forever lose a lifetime of love.

I found this story intriguing and it definitely had that special something keeping me turning the pages. This love story was sweet and touched my heart. The author Cara Lynn Shultz conveys the fear and heartache so prevalent in teens and young love perfectly. My heart raced right along with the lead character and found myself yearning for her to fight back and triumph. She didn't disappoint me! I absolutely recommend this book if you enjoy happy endings. I know I do!

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