Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The 17 Day Diet

 So Spring is here and I've been noticing that I've put on a few pounds over the Winter. I don't feel all that amazing about it ...ya know what I mean? The other day I was watching the show "The Doctors" and they happened to be talking about weight loss and covered this book "The 17 Day Diet". Now since so many of my friends have been discussing weight problems and health lately I thought I would look into this book some more to see if it was just another gimmick or if this 17 day diet could really work. "The Doctors" seemed to think it was a good diet plan...one that included a healthy lifestyle change and not just a quick way to lose a few pounds. I bought the book yesterday and here's what I plan to do. I am going to start this plan next week and will blog everyday to tell you how it's going. I will share any success or failure I may incur and then you can judge for yourself if this is a good book/diet. I am crossing my fingers and hoping it will prove to be everything it says that it is and I hope it helps any of you who are looking for a plan that works and helps you get healthier!! It's only 17 days....anyone can stick to a diet for 17 days right??!!


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  1. Good luck! If it works and sounds like a fit then I'll joing you. :)