Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day number 1 of 17

OK...so yesterday was day number one of the 17 day diet for me. With the 17 day diet you can have lean meats like chicken and fish with a variety of fresh vegetables. You can also have 2 servings of fresh fruit and 2 servings of a pro biotic cottage cheese or yogurt per day. For breakfast I had egg whites and blackberries with a cup of green tea.
For lunch I had a salad of baby spinach with matchstick carrots, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and light tuna. I had a snack of cottage cheese and then later yogurt with blackberries as well. I seemed to be hungry all day and I don't know if it was because I was used to eating more or because I wanted to eat because I knew I couldn't. Damn brain plays tricks on you at the worst times...
Anyways...I grilled some chicken strips and flavored them with one of my favorite spices and used smart balance cooking spray on the grill. I also steamed some fresh broccoli and green beans and used a tiny bit of sea salt.

I had a cup of green tea with each meal and drank water the rest of the day. The diet insists that you drink plenty of water. I also exercised on the elliptical for 30 minutes. The plan makes you stay away from processed sugars and carbs. The food was delicious and easy to prepare. There is a lot of flexibility as long as you only eat lean meats, vegetables, and fruit. The added 2 servings of pro biotics helped alleviate the hunger in the middle of the day. I weighed myself the day before I started as well as yesterday and today and I have already lost 3 pounds. I didn't starve, nor did I run myself into the ground. I ate healthy and exercised. I exerted some discipline, but other than that it was simple. I'll report more later in the week.

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